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Farm Visits

Farm visits of any size are always welcome at Sandy Creek Alpacas. We have programs created for both school and social organizations, including badge requirement activities for both Boy and Girl Scouts. Just give us a call at (585) 659-9165 or fill-out the form below and we can set up a visit when its convenient for you. To get driving directions, click here. Don't forget to check out our guide of area activities and accommodations.

(We will use this only for confirmation of your visit)
Please pick a day and time that is best for you:
Date:   ex.) 8/7/12
Please help us be prepared for your visit by answering the following:
# of visitors:  
  * Groups with children must have a minimum of 1 chaperone per 6 children.
The main purpose of your visit:
  To discuss the alpaca business and learn more about the alpaca lifestyle.
  To shop the alpaca farm store.
  To demo the revolutionary Spinolution spinning wheel.
  To meet with and learn more about alpacas.

If you have any questions or comments we can help to answer, please write them here:

Please note: We do our best to answer all inquiries in a timely fashion. However, with email and spam filters being the way they are today, if you try to contact us by email and do not receive a response from us within 48 hours chances are your email was deleted by our spam filter. If this occurs, please rest assured we are not ignoring you. Feel free to give us a call by phone. We'd love to have the opportunity to answer your alpaca questions. Thanks. John & Tacha


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