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What Can We Do For You?

At Sandy Creek Alpacas, we offer services for all alpaca breeders. Take a look at what we currently offer.

Marketing Services

We offer a wide variety of affordable marketing services through 'Paca Print Design Services including business cards, banners, Web sites, logo design, and much, much more. Please visit our Web site for more information.

Mentoring Services

We offer all prospective and new breeders our time and experience. Come learn how to manage your herd with hands-on practice. We know what it takes to be successful in the alpaca industry and we can help you avoid costly mistakes and to positively position yourself in the industry.

Breeding Services

Our boys are ready to breed.  We are proud to offer such beautiful alpacas for stud. Visit our sales listing page to view their profiles. All of our breeding is done in a supervised breeding pen. A record of the details of the breeding is provided to the owner of the dam. Our breeding fee includes up to 90-days agistment for both dam and cria, as well as routine vet services (deworming, toenails, etc.). We provide a live birth guarantee which includes a re-breeding, if necessary. Multiple breeding discounts available.


We currently offer a day-long seminar focusing on the ins and outs of the alpaca industry. A great place for someone new to the industry to start their adventure. To learn more about our seminar (and our future seminar series), please visit


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